The Hargun’s business has a long history beginning in a small village in the northern Indian state of the Punjab.

Katara Ram started producing sweets in his village for the local community. He taught his son’s Om Prakash Hargun and Mohan Lal Hargun the sweet making trade. They then moved to England and opened a sweet shop in Walsall in the 70’s.

Mohan Lal Hargun continued the trade and established Hargun Sweet Centre in the summer of 1980. Hargun’s became very well established, not only for the local community but also in the surrounding towns and cities for the products and service it provided. Mohan Lal Hargun retired in 2001 and his son Suky Hargun then became the new owner of Hargun Sweet Centre.

Suky and his wife Aneta are now working hard with their staff to continue providing excellent quality sweets and savouries, great service and enhance the Hargun’s brand.